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DOI : Vilenkin and A. Kirillov , Elements of the theory of representations Lectures on the orbit method , Graduate studies in Mathematics , vol. Moore and N. Dotsenko , Course on conformal field theory. Brink, P.

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Physics Reports vol.346

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Academy Sci , vol.

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Kervrann , A guided tour of selected image processing and analysis methods for fluorescence and electron microscopy , IEEE J. Topics Signal Process , vol. Lagache , Galectin-3 drives glycosphingolipid-dependent biogenesis of clathrin-independent carriers , Nature Cell Biol , vol. Maroulas , Tracking rapid intracellular movements : A bayesian random set approach , The Annals of Applied Statistics , vol. Meilhac , Detection of confinement and jumps in single-molecule membrane trajectories , Phys.

Klafter, R. Metzler, and J.

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  • Klafter , The random walk's guide to anomalous diffusion : a fractional dynamics approach , Physics Reports , vol. Monnier , Inferring transient particle transport dynamics in live cells , Nature Meth , vol.

    Physics Reports Vol

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