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May 23, November 02, October 14, From clear skin to better moods: here's why you should work up a sweat.

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October 09, Calvin Harris on the challenges of playing and studying abroad, sacrifices he's had to make for football, and his family legacy. October 07, October 01, What does caffeine do to your body, what are the side effects, and how much is too much? September 19, September 18, Debating is so popular with HK students because it helps you outside school too Prepare to win Debates need a lot of preparation.

The structure of an argument When it comes to presenting an argument, you need a clear assertion, reasoning and illustrations.

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  7. Debate tips from the HK debating team that made it to the world championships Who does what on the team Usually, there are three people on each debating team, and each of them has a different job. Edited by Ginny Wong Ben Young. This article appeared in the Young Post print edition as. St Stephen's College ,.

    A conversation with M. James Penton (Watchtower historian, author and former elder)

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    Signpost each section. Make sure each has an introduction and a summary all of its own. In effect, you are giving a running commentary on yourself, describing what position in your own speech you have reached: 'Next I am going to expand on my second point, which is what we could do with the money raised by a banana tax. Let's consider the figures. So my second point is this: the banana tax would bring clear benefits to insect research. Now, point number three ' In other words, keep drumming your points in by repeating them constantly. Make sure you summarise all your arguments at the end of the speech.

    Of course, this structure applies to the team as a whole. If you have three points of roughly equal importance, make sure you spend equal time on them! Be very careful not to spend so much time on your first point that you are forced to cram your other two into your last minute. Finally, although you may have lots of different points to make, do not forget that they all tie into one guiding principle which you are trying to prove or disprove : the motion.

    After every argument or example, remind the audience how this shows that the motion is true or false.

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    Thinking on your Feet Structuring your Speech A debating speech delivers a great deal of information to the audience and to the adjudicators. Sadly, most humans do not have a very long attention span and it is unlikely that they will take in all the information unless you make it easy for them. This means structuring your speech.

    Uber Aims for an Edge in the Race for a Self-Driving Future

    You should not have more than three or four different arguments in your speech - and even if you have only one argument, you should look Remember that the ability to think quickly and deal with unforeseen arguments is What differentiates debating from public speaking. There are two major areas where you need to think on your feet. Points of Information Both speakers should make and accept points of information. It is the only way to prove that you are on top of your material and not simply reading out a speech that someone else could have prepared.

    A team that does neither of these is not debating. When offering a point, you should stand up and say 'On a point of information! If you are not accepted, sit down again. If you are, you may make a simple point of no longer than fifteen seconds - do not try to make a mini-speech.

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    You are best advised to offer a fact that disproves what the other speaker is saying, to point out a contradiction in his or her argument, or to ask for further information. Your point should be relevant to the current topic of discussion. There is a real knack to accepting points of information which comes through practice.

    Do not take points in mid-sentence, or when you are unsure of what you are saying and could come unstuck. Do not take two in quick succession, and do not take too many. It is easy to be distracted and diminish the impact of your own speech. You should aim to take two or three in a seven-minute speech, at natural pauses. But remember: you should reply to them as soon as they are made: interruptions cannot just be ignored!

    Rebuttal You are also required to address the arguments that the other team has come up with. Even if you find yourself agreeing with a point, you must find some way of undermining it so that it is less appealing to the audience or judges. Question its relevance, point out how it is inconsistent with something else they were saying, or simply disprove it. There are different ways of fitting rebuttal into your speech.

    One way is to spend the first few minutes addressing the major points of your opponents, before going on to your main constructive material. You might choose just to seize on several unconnected statements your opponents have made, especially if they can be made to look ridiculous out of context. This is known as scattergun rebuttal.

    Another method is to sort the rebuttal into your speech. For example, if you are planning on covering three different areas - perhaps the economic, social and international benefits of a certain plan - then rebut their economic points during your economic section and so on. This will show adjudicators that you have identified the key arguments and seen how they all fit together.

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    Stylistic Tips In competitions, what you say is usually more important than how you say it. First, are you appealing to listen to? Make sure you modulate your speech, varying your tone at important points, even changing your volume and speed. An audience will tune out from a speech delivered at the same level throughout its duration. Be prepared to speak more slowly than normal, and to use pauses, especially before important points. And try not to use 'urns' and 'ers' when you hesitate - turn hesitations into pauses, too.